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By having an FSElite account, you are able to personalise what you see on the website. Bookmark, like and see what you have recently read with your FSElite Account.

18 Nov 2021 18:26z

It has long been our desire to offer the community a dedicated FSElite account. As such, we are able to offer some powerful personalisation features to each of you to enhance your FSElite experience.


With an FSElite Account, you will be able to bookmark any piece of news, review, video and more and have instant access to it in the future. Bookmarking means you can save it for later and come back to it when is best for you. We’ll soon remind you of your bookmarked content so if you do forget, you can easily go back in the future.

To bookmark a piece of content, simply click the icon under the main article’s image.

You can then access bookmarked content anytime through your Bookmark page in your account. Do note that you can store only a maximum of 10 articles at any time. You can remove an article or video by clicking the bookmark icon again.

Liking Content

In order for you to give us feedback about the content we’ve produced, you can now like each article or video. You simply need to click the ‘Like’ button at the bottom of each piece of work and watch the counter go up. This feedback will help us to know what content is liked by the community and what you want to see more of.

Likewise, if you want to give us feedback because you don’t like it, then you can do that by clicking the thumbs down button. This will give you a prompt to fill out a quick and easy form that will go back to our writers.

Viewing Recently Read Content

By registering an account, you will also be able to access the content you’ve recently read. Right now, it’s only in the order in which it was added to our site, but we’re working on a way for you to filter it by content type, date read and more.

Other Perks of Having An Account?

There are other perks for having a free FSElite Account, too:

There are other perks to come in the future, too!

How to Register for an Account?

Easy – just head to our registration page and sign up.

It’s free.

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