Website Feature: Dark Mode

Dark mode for FSElite is finally here! We heard the feedback and are pleased to say your eyes can finally rest easy.

18 Nov 2021 17:56z

One of the most popular and in-demand requests we had was to produce a Dark Mode for the website. We’re pleased to say that we have now added it as part of our new website.

In order to get Dark Mode, you will need to register for an FSElite Account. Why? It’s a perk we want to offer the community for registering with us. Registering is free and easy, so go ahead and do it now. This enables us to gather feedback to improve our site easier.

Why Dark Mode?

As part of our efforts to ensure that FSElite is more accessible than ever, we understand that a Dark Mode helps with reducing eye strain, reduces battery usage on mobile devices and for some, just looks cool.

How to Enable Dark Mode

If you’re logged in to your account, you can toggle Dark Mode on or off from the main menu. Click on the drop-down arrow and click on the toggle to change the theme to Dark Mode.

Website Feature: Dark Mode

Why Call it Themes?

Our intention is to provide a variety of ‘Themes’ moving forward. This, again, is all about accessibility. We’re experimenting with some options to help those who may be colour-blind or have specific requirements. Equally, we’re going to add functionality for changing font sizes, languages and more in the future.


The website was built with the ‘light mode’ so there may be some pages or elements that don’t quite look right or function in Dark Mode. That said, we’re keen to hear your feedback to make sure it works flawlessly anywhere.

As usual, if you have feedback, please send it to us via our feedback page.

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